About Us

Biolexis is an early-stage B2B biopharmaceutical company on a mission to transform the world of healthcare by developing and commercializing high quality, affordable, life-saving biological products to impact patients in needs, globally.

Our Vision

We strive to develop ground-breaking high quality biological products for serious and life-threatening diseases, that are affordable to patients globally.

Our Mission

We endeavour to attain leadership by commercializing a robust portfolio of biological products in developed and emerging markets through strategic partnerships, with deep focus on innovation, quality, affordability & business excellence


Analytical Process Development

Our business focus is two-fold – improving patient access and affordability, and building a sustainable and profitable biopharmaceutical company. We are committed to exhibiting true cost leadership through innovation, efficient strategies, and cost effective devices, ensuring quality healthcare is accessible and affordable to everyone.


Formulation Development

Our operating model ensures efficiency and excellence in all that we do. We manage planning, outsourcing, and monitoring, while operational work and early development are outsourced to experts in their respective fields. Research and development, as well as business development, drive our product and portfolio selection, ensuring that we are always focused on breakthrough solutions. With independent governance and a scientific approach, we focus on:

  • Developing intellectual property and differentiated products portfolio.
  • Enabling technology platforms
  • Partnering with other organizations that align with our mission.
  • Creating successful collaborations in pursuit of medical advancements



Biolexis adopts an asset-light model to drive greater flexibility and de-risk development, where most of the CMC and clinical work is outsourced to leading CRO and CDMO partners. This collaboration allows us to plan and manage the asset development and clinical studies effectively, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

At Biolexis, we understand the importance of scientific and regulatory leadership. That’s why we have a team of subject matter experts, supported by external consultants, who guide us in navigating the complex landscape of biopharmaceuticals. Our goal is not only to develop innovative solutions but also to ensure that we meet the highest regulatory standards and achieve single-cycle approval outcomes.

Future Outlook


We seek opportunities for co-development, out-licensing and joint launches with collaborators, allowing us to reach more patients and expand our impact at global scale.

Our approved assets include Teriparatide biosimilar (KAULIVĀ®) for osteoporosis and generic version of Semaglutide approved for Type-2 Diabetes and Obesity. The receipt of positive opinions and marketing authorization approvals have paved our way to enter global market, we are making significant progress in bringing these groundbreaking treatments to patients worldwide. Our development pipeline includes differentiated biologics targeting key molecules from different therapeutic areas like diabetes, obesity, bone and connective tissue disorders.

Stay connected for updates on our partnerships and developments at Biolexis.